Another night, 2 more bosses down!


Tonight we went back into Emerald Nightmare to defeat the next two bosses — putting us at 6/7H! Hoping to kill Xavius this weekend so we can prepare for next week’s mythics!


4/7 Heroic, 4 bosses in 1 night!

ursoc renferal

We got ourselves together for the 2nd night of Emerald Nightmare raiding to tackle the first four bosses! We’re now 4/7 Heroic. Still pushing to finish the rest by the end of the week. Good work team on the kills!

– Bawk

Emerald Nightmare

The Emerald Nightmare launches this Tuesday, the 20th of September! Be ready to raid — guides for raiders can be found on the forums.


Pre-patch Launches Tuesday, July 19th.

All raiders be prepared to raid on Tuesday, July 19th. The Pre-patch for Legion is dropping and we’re heading back into Mythic Hellfire Citadel to test out our changed classes/specs!


Short Break.

Livid is taking a short break from raiding until 7.0 Pre-patch launches for Legion. So we’ll see you all in Mythic HFC in 3-4 weeks! Launch date is suspected to be around July 19th so be prepared! We also (as of right now) have no people interested in playing Hunter in Legion. If this is something you’re interested in, contact an officer in-guild for more information. Thanks!

– Bawk


Legion launches August 30th.

Soon Warlords of Draenor raiding will be coming to a close as we ramp up in preparation for the next expansion! Hope to see you all in Legion!ย (Here’s a few shots i’ve taken during the Beta testing)




Website Updates!

Hey all!

After 2 lengthy days of 7-8+ hours of nonstop work in the back end of the site, i’m happy to say that the brand new Livid guild website is nearly complete. It’s currently fully functional! If you’re a guild member, feel free to apply for a membership to the guild to test out the forum capabilities (& flag an admin down for a group promotion). There will be numerous modifications & information updated within the next week or two. Hope you all enjoy the new site!

– Bawk

Looking back and moving forward


The tier is over and with that our sights are set on Legion. I would like to take a moment and thank the people that made the resurgence of Livid possible.

To start with though I would like to put into perspective all that we accomplished this tier culminating in the defeat of Archimonde. We started the tier in late August with little to no gear to speak of and a roster of 12 to 13 people. Some of us hadn’t raided in almost a year. We managed to hobble together a roster and pulled our first mythic boss September 9th. From that date to the killing of archimonde we took over a month off due to holidays, college adjustments and general life interferences and we still managed realm first Manny and realm second Archimonde. A very respectable finish and a good foundation for us to build on.

There is many people to thank for all of this but firstly I would like to thank the officer’s. They went above and beyond like all officer’s must and without there hard work Livid is in a much different place. Secondly a massive thanks needs to be given to the people that came back to help rebuild Livid. Without your support and trust none of this would have been possible. And to the newcomer’s who took a leap of faith joining us when all you had to go on was our previous accomplishments, thank you. I would also like to give a special thanks to all the people who made pots and flasks and food for us the entire tier. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and it helps usย immeasurably.

It can be hard to convey to new people just what a unique place it is to raid here in Livid. We’ve been a guild for a good amount of time and when this happens you’re going to have your ups and downs. But people showed this tier that there willing to fight alongside one another and that this guild and the people in it are more then just voices through a headset.

Bring on Legion!


13/13 Mythic Archimonde is Down!


Mythic Xhul’horac Down in 45 Attempts