Mythic Dragons Defeated! (4/7M)

After our first pull of the night, we wiped at around 20-30%. 2nd pull, we killed it. Excitedย to getย to the next boss — Il’gynoth!


Return to Karazhan launches in 11 days!


The latest WoW: Legion Patch 7.1 launches in just 11 days, October 25th, 2016!
It launches with the revamped 5-man Mythic dungeon, Karazhan. The Trials of Valor raid launches 1 week after Blizzcon!

Mythic Ursoc down! 3/7M


Mythic Elerethe Renferal – 2/7M

Late in the night so everyone ran ahead to start trash. We’ll have to get a full group photo another week! Second Mythic boss defeated and many more to come this week!


Mythic Nythendra Down! 1/7M


Xavius is down! 7/7H

We took two days off over the weekend before tackling Xavius tonight. Now with Heroic fully cleared, we will focus on reclearing Heroic and beginning Mythic progression next week! Good vibes all around! Great work everyone! ^.^

wowscrnshot_092516_215127 wowscrnshot_092516_230505

Another night, 2 more bosses down!


Tonight we went back into Emerald Nightmare to defeat the next two bosses — putting us at 6/7H! Hoping to kill Xavius this weekend so we can prepare for next week’s mythics!


4/7 Heroic, 4 bosses in 1 night!

ursoc renferal

We got ourselves together for the 2nd night of Emerald Nightmare raiding to tackle the first four bosses! We’re now 4/7 Heroic. Still pushing to finish the rest by the end of the week. Good work team on the kills!

– Bawk

Emerald Nightmare

The Emerald Nightmare launches this Tuesday, the 20th of September! Be ready to raid — guides for raiders can be found on the forums.


Pre-patch Launches Tuesday, July 19th.

All raiders be prepared to raid on Tuesday, July 19th. The Pre-patch for Legion is dropping and we’re heading back into Mythic Hellfire Citadel to test out our changed classes/specs!